Ballina Health Centre offers you a positive change to your health and wellbeing via:

  • a blend of the best natural and western wisdom
  • an approach that is centred around you and your unique situation
  • a safe, private therapy space
  • a friendly, nurturing environment
  • confidential, expert advice and treatment
  • care and compassion at every stage of your treatment
  • a commitment and dedication to using holistic solutions for your individual needs and goals

Our team of professional practitioners allow us to offer a wide range of life-enhancing health solutions, from performance optimisation through to preventative and restorative therapy.

Our comprehensive approach to wellbeing offers a better way to live long and well and provides a palpable shift in the quality of your life.

Is Ballina Health Centre right for you?

We provide successful health options and programs for

  • healthy individuals seeking to get the most from life
  • people seeking to optimise mental function
  • those who have previously received only superficial treatment of symptoms, or patching of problems with medication
  • heart attack prevention
  • cancer care and prevention
  • chronic pain
  • diabetes
  • emotional and hormonal issues
  • poor sleep patterns and snoring
  • people who have not responded to conventional approaches
  • those with a family history of early onset health problems
  • people suffering from a chronic lack of energy
  • people seeking a thorough understanding of their current and potential health issues.
phone (02) 6686 9199 | 32 tamar street, ballina

Bad health is just as much a choice as good health.