Ballina Health Centre integrates advanced western medicine and the best complementary and nutritional treatment to provide a comprehensive approach to preventative health management.

Our focus on preventative health is one of the major defining factors of our practice.

Is Ballina Health Centre right for you?

We provide successful health options and programs for

  • healthy individuals seeking to get the most from life
  • people seeking to optimise mental function
  • those who have previously received only superficial treatment of symptoms, or patching of problems with medication
  • heart attack prevention
  • cancer care and prevention
  • chronic pain
  • diabetes
  • emotional and hormonal issues
  • poor sleep patterns and snoring
  • people who have not responded to conventional approaches
  • those with a family history of early onset health problems
  • people suffering from a chronic lack of energy
  • people seeking a thorough understanding of their current and potential health issues.


phone (02) 6686 9199 | 32 tamar street, ballina

Every day your lifestyle choices either shorten your life or prolong it