Vitality and longevity analysis (VLA)

VLA testing provides a body composition analysis of muscle, fat and water content.

It is an excellent tool for monitoring weight loss, making sure only fat, not valuable active tissue mass (muscle) is lost.

VLA also provides indications of cellular health and general toxicity.


The VLA test takes approximately 15 minutes to perform.

Patients’ height and weight will be measured, along with their waist and wrist circumference. Electrodes are placed on the hands and feet, and a safe low-voltage electric current, which cannot be felt, is passed between the electrodes. The test is totally pain free.

The VLA can be performed regularly for a comparative result.

Results are available immediately and will be discussed with you at your next consultation with Dr Hayter or your nutritionist.

Who should have this test?

  • Healthy individuals seeking to get the most from life
  • Patients undergoing:
    • Weight loss programs
    • Exercise programs to increase muscle tone and fitness
    • Cancer treatment
    • Detox programs

Contraindicated for people with pacemakers


  • Ensure you are well hydrated
  • Empty bladder approximately 30 minutes prior to the test
  • Do not wear pantyhose, as electrodes will be placed on your skin
  • If having regular measurements – try to attend at the same time of day and wear the same clothes

Cost $15 

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