Stress test

Observing the electrical activity of the heart, blood pressure, oxygen and muscles under stress offers valuable information on:

  • screening for blocked arteries
  • blood pressure control
  • fitness level
  • safe intensity for exercise programs


The stress test takes 30 minutes.

Electrocardiograph leads are attached to the patient’s chest while a baseline resting ECG is recorded. Patients will then be put on an exercise bike, with the resistance gradually increased until a target heart rate, or fatigue, is reached. The heart and blood pressure are monitored closely during the procedure.

Results are available immediately for discussion with Dr Hayter.

Who should have this test?

  • Healthy individuals seeking to get the most from life
  • Those carrying a risk factor for heart disease should have yearly tests to look for the earliest signs of blockages to heart blood vessels
  • Patients with:
    • Heart disease
    • A family history of heart disease
    • High cholesterol
    • Excessive weight
    • Diabetes
    • Plans to start a new exercise program


Wear exercise pants, such as shorts or track pants and runners.

As electrodes are placed on the chest, the test is performed without a shirt. Women can wear a bra.

Cost $180

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