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Initial consultations

In every case, initial medical consultations at Ballina Health Centre are conducted over two appointments. Clients with less complex health issues are encouraged to start with a Nutritional Consultation. More complex cases are suggested to come through the Medical consultation process.

Clients with very complex health problems are suggested to book more time for their 1 st and 2nd appointments.

Following your first appointment, you will need to undertake some basic testing, such as blood samples. These tests should be undertaken within 48 hours of your initial consultation.

Your follow-up consultation will allow you the opportunity to discuss your test results with Dr Hayter and his team, and to work on any necessary health and lifestyle plans.

First steps:

1. Please phone our friendly reception staff on 02 6686 9199, who will organise your first two visits, usually two weeks apart.

2. We will email you information about your visit, and include links to our medical questionnaire and patient information form that will provide for us an excellent insight into your current health, physical symptoms, family history, allergies, medical history, diet, emotional history, sleep patterns, and natural and orthodox medications you may be taking.

The information collected from the medical questionnaire will become a tool to allow us to get you started on your path to wellness.

3. The medical questionnaire and patient information form will need to be completed and returned prior to your first visit. Please bring with you copies of blood tests, x-rays and other health testing information you may have.

4. Some additional fees for pathology, radiology and sleep tests may be required to investigate your health depending on your symptoms and imbalances.

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