Bone density ultrasound testing

Bone strength is an important indicator of the quality and quantity  of your future life. Strong bones mean less broken bones, better mobility in your older age, better posture and less body pain.

Because the ultrasound bone density meter offers non-radiation based screening, monitoring can be undertaken with greater frequency.


The test takes approximately 15 minutes to perform.

Ultrasound is used on the wrist and leg to test bone health. The opportunity to differentiate between arms and legs is available to those who have weaker bone density in one limb due to past injuries.

Who should have this test?

  • Patients with:
    • A history of weak bones
    • A family history of weak bones
    • A history of hormone imbalance
    • A history of chronic bowel conditions
    • Limited activity


Wear loose fitting clothing to allow access to the forearm and lower leg

Cost $50

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