About us

Ballina Health Centre is nationally recognised for its results-focused, integrative approach to health care.

Our approach is about the individual. We take the time to understand every part of your physical make up – your medical history, lifestyle demands and stresses, your goals, attitudes, nutrition, physical and emotional predispositions. Our profiling is complemented by some of the country’s most sophisticated testing equipment and methodologies, and the vast experience of our practitioners.

Our holistic, balanced approach to our practice allows us to deal effectively with a wide spectrum of issues, from long term complex and chronic health disorders and diseases, through to mental health and wellbeing, and therapies geared to ensuring the body is performing at its peak performance for a longer and healthier life.

We do not concentrate only on issues when they present. We undertake comprehensive investigations to identify any predispositions for disease or illness, so that we can develop key lifestyle changes.


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phone (02) 6686 9199 | 32 tamar street, ballina

Ballina Health Centre is a fully accredited practice