24 hour ECG testing (Medilog)

This test provides a comprehensive analysis of the human being as a whole, combining assessment of the heart, sleep apnoea and nervous system stress via heart rate variability.

It reveals the balance between the stress side of the nervous system and the relaxation side. Thousands of research studies have looked into the impact of this marker on all aspects of health. Research also shows this is a great tool assessing the improvements in health associated with lifestyle changes.


The monitor set up takes approximately 15 minutes and the device is worn for 24 hours. Electrodes are attached to the chest and monitor is secured with a belt around the waist by our trained staff.

Regular daily routines, non-water based exercise (monitor cannot be worn in water) and sleep are encouraged while wearing the monitor.

Results are available shortly after removal of the monitor and will be discussed with you at your next consultation with Dr Hayter.

Who should have the test?

Healthy individuals seeking to get the most out of life and those with:

  • heart disease
  • arrhythmia’s
  • high stress
  • poor exercise recovery
  • sleep disturbance
  • chronic illness


Wear loose-fitting clothing, chest hair may need to be trimmed for the electrode placement.

Shower beforehand, as you will not be able to take a shower while wearing the device

Cost $100

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