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The latest offerings in cancer detection

The latest offerings in cancer detection

The very latest approaches in integrative medical cancer were discussed at a recent Australian lecture series featuring Dr Ursula Jacobs, who runs a renowned cancer centre in Europe. Dr Jacobs has spent decades developing the most sensitive detection methods for various cancers and immunological conditions, using state-of-the-art research and therapeutics and scientifically proven approaches. Continue reading

Curing migraines with heart procedure

Migraine headaches have been found to have an association with a small hole in the heart. The hole can also cause tiny strokes in the brain, presenting as Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, brain fog, fatigue and visual loss. Continue reading

Recommended Reading

At Ballina Health Centre, we strongly encourage people to be well informed about health strategies and to take an active role in their health maintenance and recovery.

The upside of there being a lot of information and product choice available is often counterbalanced with the fact that it can become incredibly confusing – and indeed overwhelming – to choose which lifestyle and supplement programs to follow.

What’s more, over the two decades I have spent in natural medicine, many products I have read about, been told about or educated on at seminars, claim to have great results in curing various ailments, but rarely live up to the hype. There is a lot of shouting for attention, but only a few true performers.

Following is some recommended reading to set you on the right path. While the information that follows will be helpful in understanding different facets of health, it is imperative to work in partnership with your health professional, to guide you towards the best treatment options for your health, and to monitor the health gains you make. It is important to ensure that you are not getting caught working on a symptomatic level rather than treating underlying causes. Also remember, that rather than getting stuck on one way of solving a health issue, it is often far better to adopting a blend of therapies and lifestyle options.

Dr Michael Hayter Continue reading